Monday, September 15, 2008

No Heroics

No Heroics
, Drew Pearce's new sitcom in which superheroes are the norm, has caught the attention of The Guardian and Stephen Armstrong in The Times.
"It’s reached the point where all these dark Hollywood superheroes are dominating the genre and becoming moodier and moodier with each film or comic,” he [Pearce] adds. “They’re now so introverted and destructive that you can’t believe they’d ever actually go out and do anything.”

Pearce’s homage to this angst is the Timebomb; a psychotically violent hero who carves vicious slogans into foes’ faces and can see 60 seconds into the future, so essentially struggles with a constant sense of ennui about his own life. He thus spends much of the series retired, drunk and watching porn.
No Heroics begins on ITV2 on 18 September at 10.30pm.

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