Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scottish Broadcasting Commission report

The Scottish Broadcasting Commission has published Platform For Success, its report into broadcasting in Scotland.

The headline recommendation is:
...the creation of a new Scottish Network: a digital public service television channel and an extensive and innovative online platform. The network should be funded out of the new UK settlement for PSB a plurality and should be licensed and given full regulatory support by Ofcom.
In addition:
The Commission recommends that BBC Scotland should review its television commissioning policy and funding for Scottish programmes to address concerns about ambition and range.
In The Herald, Blair Jenkins, Chair of the Scottish Broadcasting Commission, responds to criticism that the proposal for the Scottish Network has not been costed.
We explain at some length in the report why the costs (which we indicate would be up to £75m annually) should be found as part of the major review of future funding of UK public service broadcasting (PSB) which is currently under way.

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