Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Scrippets plug-in

On his blog, screenwriter John August introduces the scrippet plug-in to enable script formatting online.

He's promising to make it available for download soon, but it will only work on WordPress. A Drupal version has also been created. Anyone able to do one for Blogger...?


  1. Even more pressing, to my mind... can anyone come up with a simple way of saving or backing up your Blogger content? All the methods I've Googled involve ingenious and complicated dodges and fixes.

    After you've built up a certain amount of material, you become uncomfortably aware that with one technical fault or perverse corporate decision, an entire body of work could be gone like tears in rain...

  2. Blogger help explains how.

    A bit involved, so you might want to try with a test site first.


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