Thursday, September 11, 2008

WGGB Theatre Encouragement Awards

The winners have been announced of the 2008 WGGB Theatre Encouragement Awards. Set up by the Guild's Theatre Committee in 2005, the awards are based on nominations from Guild members for anyone who has given them an exceptional experience in new writing during the previous year.

The 2008 winners are:
  • Joe Devlin, artistic director, Focus Theatre, Dublin (nominated by Brian McAvera)
  • Elske van Holk, director of STET Promotions, the English language theatre for The Hague (nominated by Cheryl White)
  • Lakeside Theatre, Nottingham - Matt Aston, Theatre Programmer/ Producer (nominated by Stephen Lowe)
  • Annette Mees (nominated by Roland Moore and Paula Stanic)
  • The Menagerie Theatre, Cambridge - Paul Bourne, Patrick Morris & Holly Race - (nominated by Danusia Iwaszko)
  • Oldham Coliseum Theatre - Kevin Shaw, Natalie Brown, Michelle Temperley and Jodie Lamb (nominated by Ian Kershaw)
You can read more details of the nominations on the Guild website.

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