Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Alan Ball interview

For the Writers Guild of America West, Dylan Callaghan talks to screenwriter Alan Ball about his new film, an adaptation of Alicia Erian’s novel, Towelhead.
On the surface, it’s about race and sexual identity, but underneath it all, it’s about how one girl’s spirit would not be destroyed by an experience that would probably destroy a lot of other people. Usually when [these experiences] are depicted in fiction, they do end up destroying the person they happen to. I found that very inspiring and uplifting and redemptive -- all those words I hate when I hear them from studio executives. It’s really genuine in this story, not tacked on in some phony, Hollywood way. Honestly, I’ve actually said this about this movie, and I think it’s the truth -- It’s a story about the triumph of the human spirit.
The date for the UK release of Towelhead does not yet seem to have been confirmed.

Towelhead trailer

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