Monday, October 13, 2008

Andrew Davies on adapting Little Dorrit

Little DorritMatthew Macfadyen in Andrew Davies's adaptation of Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens Photo: BBC/Mike Hogan

In The Observer, Guild member Andrew Davies reveals the story behind his new adaptation of Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens for the BBC.
Most actors hate readthroughs - they're exposing themselves before they're ready to, and before they've bonded. But I love them because they give us all the first inkling of what the whole show is going to be like, how each part affects every other part, and we won't see that again until it's all edited together. I love it also because I am part of the performance: I read all the stage directions, and do my best to give a sense of the pace and liveliness we are looking for. I feel like the conductor of a great orchestra. And I know it's the last time I can feel in control. From tomorrow, when filming starts, Little Dorrit belongs to the directors, cast and crew.

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