Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ireland introduces 2% tax levy for writers, musicians and artists

By Anthony Garvey for The Stage:
Ireland’s much envied tax-free scheme for artists, which has been capped in recent years, has been hit another blow, with a 2% levy introduced on the incomes of top-earning musicians, writers and artists.

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has confirmed the levy, included in last week’s budget to help bridge a growing gap in the national finances, will apply to those covered by the tax-free scheme. It will be charged at 1% on annual income up to €100,000 and double for those earning above that figure

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  1. Being Irish, and a writer... I have mixed feelings about Ireland's tax-free policy for writers, to be honest. It was always intended to make life easier for struggling poets and sculptors, surviving on a pittance. The Ronan Keatings, Bonos and, really, any writer, painter or songwriter earning more than 100 000 euro a year can easily afford to cough up for hospitals and schools and bin collections.

    Pensioners lost their automatic right to free healthcare in the last budget. Compared to that, a 2% levy on high earners seems fair enough to me.


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