Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PAWS events

The EuroPAWS Festival is on 3 and 4 November at the Institute of Physics in central London, with screenings of programmes and new media productions featuring environment issues and science from across Europe (For full listing see The Festival is open to all and free.

There is also a panel-led discussion on the communication issues at 4.30pm, entitled: ‘Images Matter’ : The Changing Role of TV and other Media in communicating modern Science with speakers including John Lynch, BBC Head of Science, Neil Calder, Head of Communication at the world’s “green” Nuclear Fusion project ITER, and BBC Factual Entertainment Producer Jack Kennedy. For the discussion please register with the PAWS/EuroPAWS Office (see below).

A PAWS Science Evening follows the festival on 4 November at 7.00pm, at University College, London. The theme is: Climate Change – Let the Science Speak, with leading women researchers presenting some very different angles on environment impact. A leading programme maker in this area, Fiona Scott, will also reveal how to reach different audiences, with an introduction from the Head of the UCL Environment Institute, Mark Maslin, and a cameo of women scientists on television.

To find out more and register, contact the PAWS/EuroPAWS Office.

PAWS/EuroPAWS Contact details:
Tel: 020 7483 4545

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