Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adrian Hodges on Survivors

A new version of Survivors (from the novel and series by Terry Nation) started on the BBC last night, and, in The Times, lead writer (and Guild Member) Adrian Hodges insists that the message of the drama isn't as bleak as some imagine.
Hodges takes a cheerful view of the human spirit. Each character has their own personal road to redemption, and a group purpose underpins their tiny clan – although there are a number of very unpleasant events. “It’s about hope,” he insists. “It’s about what it takes for the best of us to endure.”
There's another interview with Hodges on the BBC Writersroom, where they've also got the Episode One script (pdf).

The second episode of Survivors is on BBC One tonight. Last night's opener can be seen on BBC iPlayer.

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