Thursday, November 20, 2008

Product placement poll

What do you think about product placement on terrestrial TV?

Vote now in the poll (top right of this page).


  1. Don't "no"?

    Is there some kind of subliminal messaging going on here?

  2. Ahem. Poll amended. Thanks Piers. (Reckon I need a stronger cup of coffee in the morning)

    Sorry to those who'd already voted - you'll need to vote again.

  3. If free-to-air TV is to continue and we're all going to exercise our right to skip ads, then sponsorship or placement are the only feasible models. The budget has to come from somewhere. And if placement's the way that works, then let's just get on with it and take it in our stride. Nothing much need change -- I mean, after watching THE AVENGERS last week I ran out and bought a catsuit and a Bentley.

  4. Gail Renard12:33 pm

    You've convinced me, Stephen, mainly because you look very fetching in that Bentley and catsuit. But although I'm usually a "laissez faire" kind of gal, I can't emphasize proper controls and overseeing enough. Right now our television companies can't even keep tabs on phone-in lines or dance competitions.


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