Thursday, November 27, 2008

Publishing to Amazon Kindle

On his blog, horror novelist Aaron Ross Powell describes the experience of publishing a book to Amazon's Kindle electronic reader.
I did not price the book at anywhere near retail, as I couldn’t imagine doing so for something that wasn’t yet retail quality. On the other hand, I knew people enjoyed reading it — this based on the enthusiasm the web serialization had garnered — so I figured there was nothing wrong with charging a little. After all, I do write to (eventually) get paid and the story was available for free to those who wanted to browse through my blog to read it. Having it on the Kindle was value added. So I set the price at $3.49. Amazon knocked twenty percent off to $2.79. That put the book firmly in the impulse buy category.

The novel has sold relatively steadily since publication, with a slight bump in October (people like to buy horror stories around Halloween, oddly enough). ”Relatively steadily” means roughly a copy a day—which is far better than I expected, actually, and an encouraging number for first outing.
Link via Galley Cat, which also has a report about the upcoming Kindle 2.

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