Thursday, November 06, 2008

Recorded For Training Purposes - sketches wanted

Recorded for Training purposesOn BBC Writersroom, an invitation to sketch writers to submit work for the new series of Recorded For Training Purposes.
Recorded for Training Purposes is a sketch show for BBC Radio 4. Its remit is to be about "modern communication" - a wide brief, that can cover anything from straightforward sketches involving unhelpful helplines to parodies of modern types of TV/Radio.

The first series went out in January 2007, with a second series broadcast the following September. For the first series there was a national search for new writers who would write the series alongside a few more experienced writers and script editors. For the second series, the amount of material from these new writers was increased, with the more experienced writers taking a back seat.

It has a cast of six - three men, three women - who can, collectively, play most ages.

For the third series, there will be a core writing team of people who've written on the first two series. However, the show will also be opened up to, well, anyone. Anyone who sends stuff in will have their stuff read (which is why there's a limit of three sketches; sorry, we don't have time to read any more than that), and the best stuff will work its way into the recordings. If the audience like it, it'll get on air, and you'll get paid and credited for your work.
The deadline for the submission of no more than three sketches per writer is 17 November 2008. Full details from BBC Writersroom.

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