Tuesday, December 16, 2008

David Renwick interview

In The Manchester Evening News, Ian Wylie talks to Guild member David Renwick about the return of Jonathan Creek.
He’s now less inclined to try and create a brand new project because of the length of time it takes to bring to the screen. “You do have to look at time like a geologist, really. Ten years is nothing at all in terms of getting a show on air.”

Then there’s the use of focus groups and other devices that interfere with a TV writer’s work, as he highlighted in one scene during the second series of Love Soup.

“That’s an increasing worry to me. I have led a bit of a charmed life – I have been more or less left alone, thus far. I find it all a very horrifying prospect. You get on the BBC’s internal system and they’ve got hundreds of pages of research reports about attempting to dissect and analyse every genre – comedy, entertainment and drama, with all the pie charts and breakdowns."

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