Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Other People's Rejection Letters

Bill Shapiro, editor of Other People's Love Letters, is looking for contributions for a new book, Other People's Rejection Letters.
Other People's Rejection Letters will feature reproductions of all kinds of rejection letters. Whether typed form letters or handwritten in a fit of rage, whether sent by text message, email, or scrawled in crayon, any kind of rejection is fair game: You didn't get the job or the loan or the membership; you're not the right fit for our dentistry school; you're my son but I never want to see you again; your restaurant failed its health inspection; your parole has been denied; we had a good time together but you cheated on me so this is goodbye.
Link courtesy of Galley Cat, which, for some reason, seems to think this might interest writers.

So, do you keep your old rejection letters?

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