Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Phil Collinson interview

On the Guild's website, there's an interview with Phil Collinson, the Head of Drama at BBC Manchester.

The interview, by Richard Bevan, is from the most recent issue of the Guild's magazine for members, UK Writer.
Has the department got a particular brief relating to drama?

If we’ve got a brief it’s a self-imposed one in that we’re trying to revitalise drama in this region because it feels it’s lost its way a tiny little bit. There was a golden age of shows from here such as Prime Suspect and Cracker, and before that Brideshead Revisited and Jewel In The Crown. Cold Feet was also an important show. So, big stuff came out of Manchester. But that’s been less and less the case over the past ten years. Now there are at least two of us, Hilary Martin (Development Executive) and myself, at this high level in the BBC who are going to be beating the drum for drama in this region – not just in Manchester but also Leeds, Nottingham and Liverpool.

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  1. Anonymous9:35 am

    Phil Collinson also looks like he his Phil Collins' son. Which is somehow rather pleasing. Just remove the rest of his hair, give him a jacket with rolled up sleeves (even though it's not required) and bingo.

    Sorry. I realise this isn't the sort of comment you were looking for.


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