Thursday, January 22, 2009

Comedy online

In The Times, Bruce Dessau surveys the latest online comedy and asks if it is starting to threaten traditional stand-up.
It has just been announced that cult comedians Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler’s loopy web adventure, Penelope: Princess Of Pets is to be developed by Channel 4. This goofball magic realism mix of real-life acting plus bike-riding turtles and assassin sheep was originally screened on comedy website Super Deluxe. Its transfer could be the tipping point where talent comes from the web rather than traditional comedy casting couches such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Edinburgh’s Fringe may eventually be reclaimed by comedy fans as the TV talent spotters become glued to their laptops: "Media people are inherently lazy," says Sarah Farrell, director of content at Paramount Comedy. "They don’t want to go to 27 shows a day, so the internet is a good way of viewing new talent. It also lends itself to making you feel like you ‘found’ that talent – even if there are 1,085,432 other hits."

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