Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mike Leigh's Oscar diary

In The Guardian, Guild member Mike Leigh, shortlisted for an American Academy Award for his screenplay for Happy-Go-Lucky, shares his Oscar diary.
What a strange, surreal experience it is. A tremendous honour to be nominated - but then you trek across the planet, you squeeze into your tux, you squeeze into a stretch limo, you squeeze through the security tent on to the jam-packed, chaotic red carpet, and then you sit through a very long show (which turns out this year to be far less tacky and schmaltzy than usual). At one, weird moment, some strange force suddenly convinces you that you're about to win, while you affect to look benign and generous for the camera that's suddenly in your face; then you don't win, and you spend the rest of the night trying to be grown-up and sporting. You even try to enjoy yourself.

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