Saturday, February 21, 2009

National Theatre competition for over-55s

There are lots of writing competitions aimed at those under 25; the National Theatre is trying something different.
The NT Discover Programme are inviting applications from aspiring playwrights who are over 55 for an idea for a new play they'd like to write based on a favourite classic. The ‘classic' could be a play, as in the case of Little Eyolf [the basis of Samual Adamson's new play, Mrs Affleck], or it could be a classic novel, or even a film.
Fulld details from the National Theatre website. The closing date for entries is 1 April 2009.

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  1. Anonymous7:48 pm

    For once something I'm too young for - as a 41year old I never find competitions specifically for the over 40s. Excellent to see somerthing for an older age group though.


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