Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Batwoman scripts

One of the big announcements at this year's New York Comic Con was the imminent return of Batwoman.

batwoman It's being drawn by J.H. Williams III and written by Greg Rucka, who has posted some script extracts on his blog (link via The Guardian).
Pages 2 and 3

RUSH, maybe on the ground, maybe half-propped against a filthy brick wall, but he’s not our focus, though his terror certainly feeds us.

BATWOMAN advances. Blood red hair and blood red bat and the kind of sexy that makes you think of a succubus with a very bad attitude.

1 RUSH/wobble/faint: ah no…no no no please, not you—
2 RUSH: —why won’t you leave me alone!?!
3 RUSH/bigger: What do you want from me?!?!

The blood red BAT SYMBOL on her chest.

4 BATWOMAN: You know what I want, Rush…

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