Thursday, March 12, 2009

BAFTA Video Games Awards

The winners of this year's BAFTA Video Games Awards were announced on Tuesday.

Winners included:
  • Game Award - Call Of Duty 4
  • Best Game - Super Mario Galaxy
  • Story & Character- Call Of Duty 4
The writer of Call Of Duty 4 is Jesse Stern, who also writes for TV and film. Here's an interview with him on Crispy Gamer last year.
When I went in to meet with them [the developers], they had a kind of outline of the story they wanted to do, but said they were somewhat stuck because there were some discrepancies within the team about which way to go and how best to tell it. So I went home, read what they had, and sent them a two- or three-page treatment of what I would do. "I'd lose this part, I'd move this part later," stuff like that. But then I didn't hear from them at all. I actually thought it was kind of funny; I was thinking "Okay, I guess that didn't work." Five or six months later I got an offer from them: "Okay, we're ready for you now." It's funny, I've come to realize that's the way things work in the videogame world: You either hear from them a lot or not at all.

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