Saturday, March 21, 2009

Damazer on Caryl Churchill play

Further to the rejection of Caryl Chruchill's play Seven Jewish Children by BBC Radio, about which the Guild has expressed concern, I notice that Mark Damazer, the Controller of Radio 4, blogged about the subject last week.
The BBC's obligation to impartiality is not restricted to factual programmes only. It apples to drama. That may seem odd to some - on the grounds that we are not dealing with matters of observed fact - but nevertheless if the BBC set aside its impartiality concerns when dealing with fiction we could end up with a particular 'take' on an issue that would amount to partisanship.
As Damazer's blog post points out, Guild President David Edgar spoke about his concerns on Radio 4's Media Show on Thursday 18th (available on iPlayer until Thursday 25th).

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