Sunday, March 01, 2009

Guild blog survey results

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey about the Guild's blog last month. A summary of the results (pdf) is now available.

The results suggest that TV drama and film drama are the most popular topics, although there is strong interest in all areas of writing.

More than a quarter of respondents say that writing is their main source of income, while a further 35% have been paid for writing at least once in the past two years.

About half of those completing the survey are Guild members - if you left your email address asking for more information about joining, you will be contacted soon (if you haven't been emailed already). The Guild website also has lots of information about the benefits of membership and the criteria for Full and Candidate membership.

Industry news was cited as the most popular content, but Guild news and links to feature articles were not far behind.

Writing opportunities were also very popular, and was the content that most people wanted to see more of. We do post opportunities regularly and will continue to do so, but there are other sites, such as the BBC Writersroom, that focus on this and there's no point duplicating them.

Overall, 90% of survey respondents said they thought the blog was either good (70.8%) or excellent (21.7%) so it seems the current balance of content is about right.

There's still plenty of room for improvement of course and thanks for all the suggestions. They included having more 'how to' articles about writing, posting more links to Guild members' blogs and generating more original content.

I'll be looking at all those things in the coming months. If anyone has any further suggestions or pieces they'd like to contribute, please do drop me a line.

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