Thursday, April 02, 2009

BBC drama wishlist

Further to a similar piece earlier this month, BBC TV drama commissioning controller, Ben Stephenson, has been telling Broadcast about his wishlist for new dramas across all four channels. For example:
"We are going to evolve what we do on BBC2 a little bit [with dramas that are] author-led, ideas-driven and entertaining. What am I looking for? I like the word saga - something that takes a number of characters and follows them over a number of years."
Update (09.36): The BBC has also announced that Anne Mensah is to expand her role to become Head Of Independent Drama.
While remaining Head of Drama, BBC Scotland, her new role will bring together all independent drama output under one cohesive strategy, whilst individual commissioners will retain their own development slates.

Anne will lead a much more co-ordinated approach to all development and commissioning for the independent drama community across BBC Wales, Northern Ireland and London indies (England) as well as Scotland.

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