Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CBBC: New Stories for the Next Generation

From BBC Writersroom:
Do you have stories to tell that we've never seen before?

Can you create characters the audience will fall in love with?

We want to find the next generation of CBBC writers with fresh perspectives, original voices, and the ability to create unforgettable characters.

This opportunity is open to any writer who wants to write Children's drama. We are looking for 30-minute original TV scripts of unmissable and infectious storytelling, offering fresh cultural perspectives, tales combining authenticity with hope and joy, stories from a child's point of view, characters that will engage and surprise the audience, scripts that are powerful, emotional, and contemporary, shows that will work for the CBBC audience and channel but can dare to take risks.

They might be action-adventures, comedy-dramas, modern takes on age-old morality, tales shot through with fantasy, magic and wonder, real stories with substance and edge, animated ideas or a combination of animation and live-action - but they must be new stories that will get under the skin of a new generation, the kind of stories they will still talk about in years to come.


A shortlist of 15-20 writers will be invited to a masterclass in July 2009. The final 8-10 shortlisted writers will then be selected and spend an intensive residential week developing their work, improving their craft and pitching to CBBC in September/October 2009. The final shortlist will receive CBBC mentoring from the development team and a £300 bursary.

Deadline: 5pm, Wednesday 1 July 2009


  1. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Sounds interesting.

    But what happens to the writers rights to the character(s) he/she successfully created? In terms of tv shows, dvds, spin-offs, merchandising etc, which will make money for the BBC?

  2. Most likely the script won't get made, but will act as a sample for the writer.

    If it did get made, the rights you mention would be contracted for just like any other show the BBC makes.


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