Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sony Award winners

Among the winners of the 2009 Sony Radio Academy Awards announced last night were:

The Drama Award

Gold Award: Mr Larkin's Awkward Day
Written by Chris Harrald
Producer: Steven Canny
BBC Radio Drama for BBC Radio 4
Judges comments: Assured direction, excellent performances and concise, skilfully-researched writing all made this deceptively straightforward story a masterpiece. Funny and touching by turns, a single, seemingly insignificant incident in the life of Philip Larkin brought out the humanity and humour of a poet whose personal life is not commonly associated with either.

Silver Award: The Color Purple
Dramatised by Patricia Cumper from the novel by Alice Walker
BBC Radio Drama for BBC Radio 4

Bronze Award: Goldfish Girl
Written by Peter Souter
BBC Radio Drama for BBC Radio 4

The Comedy Award

Gold Award: Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show!
Written by Steve Delaney
Producer: Mark Radcliffe
Komedia Entertainment & Smooth Operations for BBC Radio 4
Judges comments: A traditional format made contemporary and edgy by strong writing and great performances. It simply makes you laugh out loud.

Silver Award: Adam and Joe
Presenters: Adam Buxton, Joe Cornish & Garth Jennings
BBC Audio & Music for BBC 6 Music

Bronze Award: The Now Show
Writer/Performers: Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, Jon Holmes, Mitch Benn & Holly Walsh
Writers: John Finnemore, Nick Doody, Chris Chantler, Jon Hunter, James Sherwood & Stephen Carlin
BBC Radio Comedy for BBC Radio 4


  1. Hi Tom is there anywhere we can listen to the Philip Larkin play?

  2. Sadly not at the moment - its iPlayer life has long-since expired.

    Hopefully it will be repeated soon.

  3. ah bugger. hope you're right!



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