Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Big grant for Perfect Pitch Musicals

From Arts Council England (ACE):
Arts Council is pleased to announce that it is investing in the infrastructure and grassroots of musical theatre, most recently with an award of £188,860 to producers Perfect Pitch Musicals...

Perfect Pitch Musicals is an organisation committed to developing contemporary British musicals by working with writers to develop and showcase their work. Initially the organisation started as a one-off showcase event organised by Andy Barnes, then he received a small Arts Council grant which helped take the project further. This has now developed to an organisation managing a professional network that works with and develops writers and their work, as well as providing performance showcases.
There's some discussion about the grant on The Guardian Theatre Blog, with one comment querying the wisdom of putting so much of the ACE funding for new musicals in the hands of one producer.

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