Monday, June 08, 2009

Paul Laverty on Looking For Eric

On the Route publishing website, Guild member Paul Laverty talks about writing Looking For Eric (directed by Ken Loach).
Q. Sounds like you talk to lots of people before writing a script?

A. Some writers spend most of their times in their rooms. Each to their own. I spent my formative years in seminary taught by priests where the ‘outside’ world was painted boldly in black and white. It has left me with an incurable curiosity for other worlds, and other ways of looking at it. Grey is the most fascinating colour of all. I love getting out and digging around. A lot of the ground work is investigative - a time of constant dialogue with Ken too, before the very private part, writing the script itself. But you can’t copy a script from the street, and you must be loyal to your characters, as they emerge, even though they are just ephemeral creatures, full of contradictions, fighting for space in the mind.

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