Monday, June 22, 2009

Rupert Creed on Every Time It Rains

In The Guardian, Paul Allen talks to Rupert Creed (playwright and current Guild Treasurer) about his new play, Every Time It Rains, which examines the experiences of those caught up in the Hull floods of 2007.
While the playwright is anxious about doing justice to the experiences of the victims, the theatre's management is concerned about the play's legal content.

Among more than 150 people who responded to Creed's appeal for stories are Michael Barnett, whose son died after being trapped in a 6ft culvert as flood water poured through, and policeman Richard Clark, who was the first person from the emergency services to get to him on 25 June 2007. A former water engineer who wants to preserve his anonymity has also offered his expertise to uncover what exactly happened to the city's drains that day. "Were they simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of rain," asks Creed, "or were there shortcomings with the infrastructure?"

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