Thursday, June 18, 2009

Science fiction and fantasy books yet to be screened

On The Guardian TV and Radio blog, Jonathan Wright considers some science fiction and fantasy classics that have yet to adapted for the screen.
Foundation (Isaac Asimov, 1951)

What? A space opera, influenced by Edward Gibbon's The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and built around the concept of psychohistory, the idea that the broad swathes of what's to come can be predicted.

Why? If only because Asimov's idea that humankind's actions en masse are susceptible to socio-mathematical study seems increasingly prescient, although admittedly this in itself may be a point that lacks dramatic impact.

Why not? Because Roland Emmerich, the creative powerhouse behind the idiotic 10,000 BC, Godzilla and Independence Day is already in the frame to direct. Nooooo!

On the basis of Emmerich's risible American Revolution epic, The Patriot, anyone but Mel Gibson.

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  1. It would need to be a Sopranos-sized cable TV epic, I think. There's no way the Foundation novels would fit into 2-hour movie slots - just look at the Harry Potter adaptations, for example.


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