Thursday, June 04, 2009

YouTube XL and beeTV

News of two new developments in online TV this week, both courtesy of TechCrunch.

First there's YouTube XL, a new version of the Google-owned online video player that is designed to run on large screens, including TVs. Linking and embedding doesn't seem to be possible without signing in at the moment, but there's currently a Brothers McLeod video on the homepage and since Myles McLeod is a Guild member, that's got to be good.

Jason Kincaid for TechCrunch says:
One of the most appealing aspects of XL is that it will work on nearly any device that has a browser and can connect to the TV. That means you’ll be able to use it though your PS3 (though it sounds like there are some limitations - for example, the PS3 doesn’t support HD YouTube videos yet). Likewise the Wii will be able to use the new site, but because of its lower hardware capabilities it outputs at at a lower resolution.
Then there's beeTV, which has just secured some significant funding. Robin Wauters for TechCrunch says:
BeeTV aims to use the capital to ‘change the way we watch TV’ by pioneering what it calls a Personal Content Channel (PPC), a personal TV suggestion engine that helps you find your way in the ocean of VOD titles and channels out there by surfacing the best choice for you based on your profile and even the mood you’re in.
Much as does for music, presumably.

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