Thursday, July 02, 2009

Angry Robot imprint launches

Genre publishing sometimes falls beneath the mainstream media radar, but Harper Collins seems to be going all out to promote its new imprint, Angry Robot. Well, they've sent me two press releases this week, anyway.
Today marks the launch of HarperCollins' new imprint Angry Robot. We'll be serving up 2-3 red hot novels a month for a new generation of readers who've grown up on Hostel and Hellboy, Battlestar Galactica, Gears of War and World of Warcraft and are now looking for adrenaline-fuelled entertainment in books.
Here's the policy on submissions:
We’re not open to unsolicited proposals at this time. If you’re a budding author and want to get more advice on your work we recommend you check out the amazing on-line novel-in-progress review machine that is Authonomy!

If you have an agent, or you are known to us or recommended to us by someone we know, you are welcome to submit proposals for new novels. We require a brief (two pages max) summary of characters, plot and your intentions/inspiration, in that order — plus the opening five chapters.
And here's some more info from the same page:
We’re publishing novels, either standalone or as part of greater series. We’re not looking to publish novellas, short stories or non-fiction at this time.

All our books are “genre” fiction in one way or another — specifically fantasy, science fiction, horror, and that new catch-all urban or modern fantasy. Those are quite wide-ranging in themselves; we’re looking for all types of sub-genre, so for example, hard SF, space opera, cyberpunk, military SF, alternate future history, future crime, time travel, and more. We have no problem if your book mashes together two or more of these genres; in fact, we practically insist upon it.

We’re publishing books for adults; we’re not looking for any YA or teenage titles to publish. We are happy for our books to cover adult themes, situations and “language”.
They're also on Twitter.

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