Friday, July 03, 2009

IMDB credits threat resolved

Earlier this week there were reports that the International Movie Database (IMDB) was demoting writer credits to the 'Additional Details' section.

Fortunately, the situation now appears to have been resolved by the Writers Guild of America, as Craig Mazin writes on his blog:
I just received word from Lesley Mackie McCambridge, who runs the WGAw Credits Department, that the issue with IMDB has been resolved. She and her department were on this one before any of us in the blogosphere even knew about it, and IMDB will not be moving forward with any plan to relocate writers’ credits from their rightful position.

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  1. Anonymous1:15 pm

    This story completely bypassed me but my initial reaction to it is one of disbelief. Do we writers not suffer enough disrespect as it is without having our contribution relegated to mere 'additional details'? When will people get it through their thick skulls that, far from being the least important link in the creative chain, we are probably the most important. Without writers, directors wouldn't direct, producers wouldn't produce and actors with no gift for improvisation wouldn't act. The problem we face is that just about everyone can write to some degree and, as a result, everyone thinks they can do our job as well as we can. Does anyone recall the last time someone mentioned how good the direction or production was on shows like The Wire and Deadwood? I rest my case.


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