Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Indies criticise Radio 4 change

From Matthew Hemley in The Stage:
Independent drama producers have criticised a new commissioning system implemented by BBC Radio 4, claiming it is putting their futures at risk and restricting opportunities for nurturing talent in the industry.
Optical Express

The complaints were made after the broadcaster announced the first set of winners under the new structure, which sees companies invited to bid for a two-year batch of commissions for the channel’s Afternoon Play slot. This replaced the twice-yearly, programme by programme commissioning rounds previously run by the Corporation

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  1. Anonymous8:07 pm

    It certainly raises the stakes: it makes things better for the winners and worse for the losers who would have to find an alternative market for two years instead of six months. It would have a knock on effect on new talent by reason of lack of cash flow but lets not pretend it's about new talent - at least as far as writers go - because all new writers as well as non "Names" have (in this particular setup) is the Writers Room unless they have an agent (unlikely) or a friend who is a producer or they are in the business as something else.

    Writers Room receives 10,000 scripts a year yet offer so few commissions but do Indies offer new writers a better deal?

    I think if the Guild are to join force in this case with Independent Producers it should be linked with a better deal for "New Talent".


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