Friday, August 14, 2009

Mark Gallagher defends ITV

In The Guardian, Mark Gallagher, ITV's director of group corporate affairs, defends the network's comedy and drama output.
ITV1 is the home of the top five new dramas on any channel in 2009, including Whitechapel, Above Suspicion and Unforgiven; in comedy, ITV1 again tops the charts with Harry Hill's Bafta award-winning TV Burp and the critically acclaimed and hugely successful Benidorm


  1. Kevin McCann12:10 pm

    ITV is the home of talent shows, endless repeats and utter dross - the new Dramas mentioned were unwatchable - Whitechapel was also in dubious taste - one of the "writers" was quoted as saying how exciting it was to be be able to stand on "the exact spot" were the ripper killed one of his victims - or to put it another way, butchered a human being - very thrilling !
    Harry Hill is funny - but one show out of how many ?

  2. Anonymous4:52 pm

    ...and what about the 'New, Hard-hitting, Adult, post watershed' The Bill?

    Should be shown in Film School... a great example of how 'really bad' TV can become when budgets are cut and changes to a successful format are made... on a whim


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