Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Court asked to delay Google Books hearing

From Cade Metz in The Register:
US authors and publishers have asked a federal court to postpone an upcoming hearing set to examine its $125m book-scanning settlement with Google, requesting additional time to address Justice Department concerns over the pact...

The Open Content Alliance - a group of organizations that oppose the project, including Amazon, Microsoft, and the Internet Archive - views today's news an important win.

"This is a huge victory for the many people and organizations who raised significant concerns that this settlement did not serve the public interest, stifled innovation, and restricted competition," reads a statement from the group. "It’s also an enormous loss for Google, which had been saying for months that no changes were necessary to the settlement. Now, that settlement, as we know it, is dead."

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  1. We are all eagerly awaiting the final outcome. There is not enough debate about the implications of such a move by Google. The issue hasnt caught attention with several in the publishing industry, atleast in other parts of the world


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