Tuesday, September 22, 2009

John Collee on Creation

In The Scotsman, screenwriter John Collee talks about his new film about Charles Darwin, Creation, which has already provoked controversy in America.
"I love the notion that there's controversy about it or that it's inspiring debate," says John Collee, who, like Darwin, studied medicine at Edinburgh University and went off on a series of exotic adventures, before pursuing a career as a film writer. "Public acceptance of a scientific truth always lags behind the scientific proof itself."
Creation is released in the UK on Friday.


  1. Darwin pursued a career as a screenwriter? Who knew?

  2. It was a prequel. The Origin of SPECIES.


  3. His talent was a gift from God.

  4. Origin of Species, a non-fiction thats more exciting than fiction ;-).
    Public acceptance varies according to the times and circumsances they are living in, not necessarily with proof. With or without proof, a few things get accepted and a few are not. We believe what is comfortable for us. Our beliefs are greately shaped by the society and our experiences and our times.


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