Friday, September 25, 2009

Stella Duffy interview

On the WGGB website, an interview with Guild member Stella Duffy by Zoë Fairbairns.
It surprises her when she hears people say they like writing. “I don’t, and neither do most of the published writers I know. I like having written. I don’t go, ‘what a glorious sentence!’ I sit there going, ‘is this good enough, will it sell, does it make me happy and can it make them happy too?”
Photo credit: Geraint Lewis


  1. Are we talking the process or the actual writing? The two are completely different. Rewrites are cumbersome and painful, but the birth of a new idea on paper is joyous.

  2. Agree about the birth of an idea, but "on paper"? Not so sure about that. By the time I get to the paper, that's the drudge work, or at least a large part of it is. Dreaming up the story, however - that is fun.

  3. Anonymous10:40 pm

    I find it all cumbersome/painful at times Liv, but actually, I do generally enjoy the re-writing and re-making. That's where the craft is for me, and that's what usually engages me most.


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