Thursday, November 19, 2009

The British Comedy Awards

By Gail Renard

It takes more than controversy to keep the British Comedy Awards down. The event will be returning to ITV with a new look on the evening of December 12, following X-Factor. Jonathan Ross, who was missing from last year’s ceremony, returns in all his glory and the WGGB is once again happy to be associated with the awards.

The jury met a few days ago and included comedy commissioners from all the TV companies, along with three judges from the Guild: Steven Moffat, Jonathan Harvey and myself. The nominations have been posted on the Comedy Awards website and it promises to be a show well worth watching.

The Guild will also be honouring an outstanding comedy writer on the night, as we do annually.

Anything can happen at the awards and usually does. In past years, Spike Milligan referred to Prince Charles as 'the little grovelling bastard', Julian Clary expressed a familiarity with hand puppets, and Professor Stephen Hawking presented a comedy award to Homer Simpson.

Roll on this year’s Brit Coms.

Comedy judges: (left-to-right) Steven Moffat, Gail Renard and Jonathan Harvey

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