Monday, November 30, 2009

Julia Donaldson interview

In The Independent, Nick Duerden talks to children's writer Julia Donaldson about creating The Gruffalo and writing her first novel for teenagers, Running On The Cracks.
"What I do find frustrating," she says, "is that you can work away for a year on a book like [Running On The Cracks] and still..."

The sentence remains unfinished, Donaldson perhaps aware that she should keep these frustrations private. It sounds, I say, as if she has begun to resent the monster that has made her so famous and wealthy.

Another sigh. "No, I don't really resent it because – well, let's face it, I think any author would love to have some iconic character they can pin everything else on. But all the things I keep talking about these days I've heard myself talk about before. So I'm not learning anything new, am I?"

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