Sunday, November 29, 2009

Writers' Guild Awards

The winners of the 2009 Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards were announced earlier this evening at an event in at the Freeword Centre in London.

Photos by Simon Denton for WGGB.

The winners were:

Television comedy / light entertainment: Outnumbered, by Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton

Television drama series: Being Human, by Toby Whithouse

Television soap / continuing series: Coronation Street, episodes written by Carmel Morgan, Chris Fewtrell, Damon Rochefort, David Bowker, David Lane , Debbie Oates, Jan McVerry, Jayne Hollinson, Joe Turner, John Kerr, Jonathan Harvey, Julie Jones, Lucy Gannon, Mark Burt, Mark Wadlow, Martin Allen , Martin Sterling, Peter Whalley, Simon Crowther, Stephen Bennett (Pictured: Chris Fewtrell, Simon Crowther, Mark Wadlow, Joe Turner, Jan McVerry, Jonathan Harvey)

Television short form drama: Criminal Justice by Peter Moffat

Feature film screenplay: Hunger, by Steve McQueen and Enda Walsh

Feature film screenplay newcomer: Shifty, by Eran Creevy

Theatre play: At the Gates of Gaza, by Juliet Gilkes Romero

Theatre play for children and young people: Scarlet Ribbons, by Brendan Murray

Radio comedy / light entertainment: 15 Minute Musicals, by Dave Cohen, Richie Webb and David Quantick and

Radio drama: The Gunshot Wedding, by Katie Hims

Video games: Prince of Persia, by Andrew S Walsh

Outstanding contribution to children's writing: Sir Terry Pratchett

Lifetime achievement: Andrew Davies

Update: Here's a report on the Awards from BBC News.


  1. Congratulations to the Guild for a wonderful evening! Where else could you find Terry Prachett, Armando Iannucci, Steven Moffatt, Jonathan Harvey, Mark Ravenhill and countless other brilliant writers in the same room?

    What makes it even more gratifying is that these were the Guild's Austerity Awards. Money is tight everywhere so not a penny of Guild money was spent. The Awards were done on a shoestring and we had kind sponsors but everyone had the best time ever. It shows writers know how to enjoy ourselves and we're ever so grateful when we're allowed out.

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  3. Just to say I didn't write anything vulgar; I accidentally pressed the "Comment" button twice. Late night.


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