Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Lost University

I don't think this is a wind-up... (from Patrick Kevin Day in the LA Times):
"Lost" seems to breed obsessive types who are a study in devotion and intelligence. And now, they have another place to congregate: their own school.

As the famously perplexing and mysterious series heads into its final season, its creators have launched Lost University, a multimedia experience that delves into the fields of study touched on in the show's five years. Real university professors will teach short video courses on a variety of "Lost"-related subjects -- and it's not exactly a light curriculum either, with philosophy, physics and hieroglyphics, among others.
It could be seen as a clever way to sell more copies of the fifth season Blu-ray set but the forum suggests that there's plenty of interest.

Classes start today.


  1. It's a very cool idea. Merging stories and learning is just one of the ways that the whole-media approach is going to change how we view entertainment.

  2. I agree - if the audience is interested then it makes perfect sense to extend the content in this way.


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