Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple launches iPad and iBooks

Apple today unveiled its new iPad, a device somewhere between a mobile phone and a laptop. While the web is full of assessments of the hardware, there's also analysis of the implications for content creators. Indeed, even before the launch, TechCrunch predicted it could lead to a media revolution.

And, as Doug Aamoth reports, Apple are also launching an e-books store.
Apple’s hoping to recreate the magic of what iTunes did for music with the addition of a vast selection of electronic books. Announced at Apple’s event today, the iBook store.

Book pricing has been set similarly to what’s offered on’s Kindle platform — the first book will be $14.99, a Ted Kennedy book (available on Kindle for $14.78). It works just like the App Store with a simple tap to purchase the book.
The iPad will start shipping in America in late March and, apparently, will be available the UK at the same time .

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  1. I see the iPad as quite a different proposition from the Kindle. The latter is just a straightforward alternative to a printed book, but the iPad really makes all the talk of "vooks" achievable. It could be the second coming of multimedia - only this time round on a platform that is convenient and portable. And I want one!


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