Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Harry Venning on writing radio comedy

In the Stage, Harry Venning, creator of the Clare In The Community radio sitcom, offers some advice for aspiring radio comedy writers.
Anyone considering a career writing comedy for radio should first find a writing partner. A good writing partner provides company, confidence, inspiration and Father Ted DVDs for when you can’t be arsed to do any writing. But, I hear you say, won’t a partner mean sharing the money? Yes, but here is the joy of radio - the pay is so miniscule you can easily cut it in half and not notice.

With David Ramsden, I have written five series of Clare in the Community, starring Sally Phillips, about a social worker whose insensitivity is matched only by her lack of awareness. With Neil Brand, I have just finished writing Sneakiepeeks, starring Nina Conti, following the adventures of an inept secret service surveillance unit. Radio 4 did not like the title originally, but warmed to it when we threatened to re-name the show The Buggers.

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