Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paul Marquess to take Hollyoaks helm

From How-Do:
Lime Pictures has announced that Paul Marquess will be the new series producer of Hollyoaks when Lucy Allan steps down at the end of January.

Marquess’ production credits come from primetime ITV1, where he’s been executive producer of The Bill and creator of Footballer’s Wives.
As Doug Lambert points out for ATV News Network, Marquess has been a controversial figure, especially when presiding over the demise of numerous long-established characters (and writers)on The Bill.
The Bill moved away from being about cops and robbers as it shifted its focus towards the personal lives of the officers and a series of sensationalist storylines were introduced; serial killer, serial rapist, serial sniper, rape, murder, suicide and incest were on the menu under Marquess reign.
However, quoted in the Liverpool Daily Post, Tony Wood, executive producer of Hollyoaks, said:
“It’s very exciting to be working with Paul Marquess again. He’s one of the best show-runners in the business. This is a brilliant appointment for Hollyoaks.”


  1. Anonymous9:43 am

    Marquess hm... Is he one of the 'best' show-runners in the biz? Where's the evidence?

  2. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Paul Marquess will ruin this show, like he ruined Brookside..........


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