Monday, January 11, 2010

The rise of self-publishing

Another article about the rise of self-publishing, this time by Helen Brown in the Telegraph.
Although there is no way of breaking down the types of book being self-published, [Jane] Rowland [editor of The Self Publishing Magazine] estimates that it’s 60 per cent fiction and 40 per cent non-fiction. With the growing number of self-publishers comes a new public respect for self-published authors. So commentators who once derided “vanity published” writers are now beginning to acknowledge an empowered DIY culture. It’s no longer publishing for rejects, but “alternative publishing”; a bold stance outside the homogenised mainstream.


  1. In the first place, self-publishing shouldn't be treated as a place for rejects. Writing is an art. And as complex as it is, i think it just knows no boundaries. But of course, it still has to adhere to professional writing standards.

  2. Does anyone have access to a book scanner?
    Here's a description.

    Suited for writers who have books they want to republish.

  3. Anonymous2:00 pm

    A 'Salutary lesson'.

    My brother-in-law telephoned - "My wife has written a book and it's being published."

    Good for her! She kept at it until it was finished - not easy as we all know.

    The book arrived. All 800 pages. A crime story.

    I don't know the details but they were 'Robbed'

    Notwithstanding the story needed serious editing to make it flow better - the book was unreadable. Spelling mistakes. Virtually no punctuation, inverts in the wrong place or omitted, phrases repeated....

    In the first three pages over 50 errors.

    Try as I might, it was impossible to read and that's a shame because she obviousley put their heart into writing something that is never going to be read - and all for the sake of a little judicious 'subbing' and a better printer.

    Beware the 'RIP-OFF' self publishers.

  4. Self-publishers like do not include proof reading or editing or anything other than simply printing. Other services are offered at an extra cost.
    The London School of Printing does courses for writers who want to learn self-publishing.
    I have a Writer's Data Base on that lists many services to writers.


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