Monday, January 25, 2010

Tesco moves into film production

High street retailer Tesco has announced a move into straight-to-DVD film adaptations of best-selling books in partnership with Amber Entertainment, reports Sarah Cooper for Screen Daily:
The first film to come out of the partnership will Paris Connections, which is due to start shooting in France later this month and has been specially adapted by author Jackie Collins from her 1999 bestseller LA Connections...

Also in line for production will be titles by other best selling authors including Dick Francis, Jacqueline Wilson, Philip Pullman and Judy Blume as well as three more “Connections” films with Jackie Collins.


  1. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Jesus, they really do want to take over the world, don't they?

  2. Anonymous6:00 pm

    I thought it was Dick Francis - but, hey ho.

  3. Indeed - their error, but now corrected above.

  4. If you get commissioned for a film script, don't forget to get your Club Card points.

  5. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Proud mother of writer:"My son Charles is having his latest book turned into a film."

    Elderly Gent:" Really? How marvellous! Universal? Paramount? 20th Century Fox?"

    Proud mother of writer:" Tesco."

    Collapse of elderly gentleman.

  6. Anonymous12:18 pm

    This is horrific! Straight to DVD movies or already popular books. Clearly no thought or soul going into these. If the authors have any integrity they will refuse the sale of their rights to these capitalists.

  7. Wendy6:21 pm


    They'll be stocking up on a lot of turkeys then.

  8. Anonymous4:28 am

    This is depressing - there is so much they could be doing for young filmakers who stack their shelves etc


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