Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UNI-MEI campaign against digital theft

UNI-MEI, the global media, entertainment and arts union to which the Writers' Guild of Great Britain is affiliated, has launched a 'campaign against digital theft' (pdf).
UNI MEI believes that the world’s creative industries need adequate protection against digital theft in order to protect creativity, support existing and grow new jobs and ensure fair revenues to all right holders and compensation to all other media and entertainment workers. We know that technology is not static; it will change in many ways – including greater penetration, faster service and inexpensive memory which will potentially increase the problem of digital piracy. We also believe that new ways to address digital theft are evolving rapidly as are ways to make creative works easily and legally available to consumers. That makes the need to address this problem - before it overwhelms all efforts to adapt to an ever-changing digital environment - all the more pressing.

As part of the campaign, UNI-MEI has contacted members of the European Parliament (pdf) to lobby them on the issue.

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