Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Writing sketches for radio

If you're interested in topical sketch writing, take a look at the BBC Writersroom blog where members of the Newsjack team, including Dan Tetsall, are dishing out advice and observations.
Beware the 'And finally...' news stories. Beware anything in a tabloid that's less than two inches in length - and beware anything that sounds like a set-up to a penis joke. Beware the Most Emailed on the BBC website, where comedy news never dies - that goat was still getting married last year. It might sound pretentious, but a sketch has to have tension and drama like any other script, just in miniature. OK, it did sound pretentious, but it's still true.
Newsjack, on BBC Radio 7, is accepting unsolicited sketches for its current series.

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