Sunday, February 21, 2010

EastEnders at 25

If you didn't catch the live episode of EastEnders last Friday, written by Simon Ashdown, it's available until the end of the week on BBC iPlayer.

It attracted ratings of almost 17 million and a mountain of media coverage including 25 years of EastEnders women, cartoons by Modern Toss, and special awards for the most popular characters of all time (won by Dot Cotton).

And following the recent online success of E20, There's even a blog post by Stuart Heritage about other possible EastEnders spin-offs...

By the law of averages, not everything that happens within the confines of Albert Square has to be morbidly depressing. It might not seem that way to the average EastEnders viewer, but some of the characters have to experience fleeting moments of levity every now and then. So why not make a spin-off about those moments? That's right – I want to see a show where Lucy Beale buys a nice new hat, Pat Butcher dances the macarena in a pair of novelty slippers and Max Branning receives a telephone call that doesn't make him scowl like an angry prawn for a month afterwards.

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  1. Barry McCann3:44 pm

    Has it really been 25 years of "'Ere, wots goin on?" and "Leave it owwwt!"


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