Thursday, February 04, 2010

How screenwriters might use the iPad

From screenwriter and self-confessed geek John August's blog, his take on Apple's new iPad, including:
It should be terrific for reading scripts. Right now, the big Kindle DX does a credible job with screenplays. It’s $489. The iPad is only $10 more, and can handle mail, web, video and a lot more. A few weeks ago, I wrote about reading scripts on laptops turned sideways. The iPad is the elegant version of this solution.


  1. My initial reaction when I saw the Apple iPad was confusion. What functionality does this device offer over and above the Apple iPhone? And what market is Apple aiming this device at?

  2. I thought they might use it to lean on while writing like the yellow pages, not actually buy the thing.

  3. Yeah, I think screenwriters wealthy enough to buy a device just to read scripts on are pretty much a niche market.

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